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 Author : Arash Hejazi
 Published Date: 1388
 Size :
 Pages: 400
 Cover :
 Status : Available
 Price : $26.25
 ISBN : 978-964-175-087-1
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Fighting with those whom you hate is easy. Hard, is fighting with those you love. It's then when bravery finds its meaning.

Adora thinks her life is over. Her husband passed away twenty years ago, her son has left her and now, she has only two pleasures left: Her job as an editor and her PhD thesis about the myth of Kaykhusro.But she is completely wrong. Just when she thinks that she knows everything about kaykhusro, she receives a strange booklet that challenges all her knowledge about this mystic and mysterious legendary Iranian king who is known as the 'living king'. But she can't use this new-found knowlege in her thesis, as the author of the booklet has no citations to any references in the booklet. Therefore, Adora embarks on a quest to  find the anonymouse author, to ask him directly about his sources. A quest that ends in a long and astonishing journey in time and space, that challenges all of Adora's preconceptions.

Love Letters of A Prophet, Audiobook
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